Buck 65 about Buck 65

Richard Terfry

«[…] I grew up in a really small town of only a few hundred people, that’s a key thing. […] For most of my childhood I worked on digging a hole to China.* […]

[…] people have been saying that the music I make doesn’t exactly sound like hip hop. I think that’s partly because I often hear hip hop where other people might not. Sometimes I hear it in pre-war blues songs. I hear it in albums like New Values by Iggy Pop or Is This Desire? by PJ Harvey. I hear it in experimental recordings by William S. Burroughs or minstrel songs by Emmett Miller. It’s a curse. […]

[…] Will I still be at it when I’m 50 years old? I guarantee you that I will. […]»

Buck 65 (Richard Terfry)

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