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The Yes Men vs. Chevron – 1:0

Chevron Corp. announced a new global advertising campaign this week aimed at showing Chevron as a “real people” corporation, and admitting to abuses that companies usually try to hide. — source code of «Radical Chevron Ad Campaign Highlights Industry Problems» Like I said some hours ago: The e-mails I received w/ the (fake) press releases … Continue reading

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Ideale und Twitter

»Wir arbeiten nicht für Organisationen, Unternehmen oder Personen des öffentlichen Lebens, die die Umwelt oder unsere Mitmenschen bedrohen.« — parismedia, website vs. »Wie lange muss sich ein Land von Robin Wood Öko-Taliban,Sittler-Sekte & Park-Stasi erpressen lassen? Heute räumen: http://bit.ly/8YtqUq* #S21« — parismedia, twitter und auch … »S21: Als emanzipatorisches Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Stuttgart begrüßen … Continue reading

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Kill The Spill

Two weeks ago a single blog post from an it and design company (Unify Interactive) made me angry and I decided to kick them off from my news reader. You want to know why? Here you go … «[…] a company that spends $ billions every year and risks much more in an effort to … Continue reading

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