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«I would love to have Jakob Nielsen test some real world products: Try installing a baby seat or assembling a grill. He would implode.» –Francisco Inchauste

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Facebook Notes, No. 5687689

«[…] Facebook has told me I have too many friends and fan pages. […] My reward for contributing significantly to Facebook’s content and networks is that I can never add another friend or fan another page (although anyone can add me as a friend). […]» — Jeffrey Zeldman, «Friend limit reached»

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Facebook Notes, No. 5687458

«[…] as a designer, it bothers me, not only because badly designed things bother designers, but because badly designed things in a highly successful product spur a lust for imitation. I don’t want our clients to think “like” works. I don’t want them desiring similarly broken functionality on sites we design for them. I don’t … Continue reading

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