The Echo Chamber Cover Set

Here we go … I did some cover art work for «Professor» Saetchmo’s weekly Echo Chamber; just to see some covers when I listen to it. Grab them: ZIP Archive.

[looking for the Saetchmo sessions? → «Echo Chamber»]

[looking for the Marinelli session? → «a special back-up-selecta»]

[looking for the KFMW vs. MOGREEN session? → «rising with my pals»]

[looking for the tanith session? → «the most tripping guestselecta experience»]

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3 Responses to The Echo Chamber Cover Set

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  2. saetchmo says:

    wow..die sind ja toll…muss ich mein tumblr theme umstellen,damit ich die einbauen kann ^-^ momentan sind keine cover vorgesehen :)

  3. marinelli says:

    sehr sehr schön!

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