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Facebook Notes, No. 5687689

«[…] Facebook has told me I have too many friends and fan pages. […] My reward for contributing significantly to Facebook’s content and networks is that I can never add another friend or fan another page (although anyone can add me as a friend). […]» — Jeffrey Zeldman, «Friend limit reached»

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Contemporary Eye

Sherlock Holmes re-invented — or better: transposed — into the here and now, today. Great setting, great camera, great actors and: SMS as a supporting act. Works. Works very well. Only three episodes so far, but hey, it’s only a question of «when» not «if» there’ll be a continuation. Btw.: Steve Moffatt and Mark Gatiss … Continue reading

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Kill The Spill

Two weeks ago a single blog post from an it and design company (Unify Interactive) made me angry and I decided to kick them off from my news reader. You want to know why? Here you go … «[…] a company that spends $ billions every year and risks much more in an effort to … Continue reading

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therefore it’s gone …

… no flattr no more. some words (in german) about the pro and contra: a f!xmbr post (read the comments there) and »flattr einmal kritisch« at .

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what the heck i'm doing here?

well, it seems i watch sometimes to much tube stuff. but i like it. if you don’t like it: get off my tiny tiny white space and get a cookie — or two. besides that: music makes my world go round. hiphop-dub-grime-reggae-punk-country-garage-electronic-rock’n’roll-swing-jazz-soul-surf-funk-psychobilly-klezmer. dig it.

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